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Ulia won the Sporting Crystal 1-0 in Phenhencho.


Ulia won the Sporting Crystal 1-0 in Phenhencho.

Despite the inconvenience that occurred on Tuesday afternoon at 4:40 p.m, the Zelia F and Sport Crystal jumped into the field of Colosseum grain. The 10-year-old South American will play gold to play the first 16 rounds of football before 10,135 fans wear the team.

The canoes did not give up and they were pleased with their fans, claiming that speed was not one of their problems, and Frank Fletten won the goal 0-0.

In addition to VAR, which was first introduced in Zilian land, "Phenhencho" has revealed a new novel: artificial grass laying on the edges of both areas, and in the middle of the field.

Zulia F. started the game by pushing the Peruvian up and only finishing the first minute of the match with one of the oil batters, and the first chance of the game was through Zambrano, with a "7" finish from the perimeter. The shooting was shot by Patricio Al ÁRez

Crystal responded in the ninth minute with a straight shot by Leo Morales. Four minutes later, the celestial team carrying the second kit found a free shot killed by Tavara and finger-fired by Leo Morales.

The celestial machine continued to try, and in the 21st minute the controller Palacios got the first chance, but the shot went out of the goal.

The canoes were not seated. In 29 minutes, Frank Fletcher had his first chance, with a strong goal to the keeper. Just a minute later, Junior Perez was awake and was alone before the goalkeeper. Zulliano, who failed during the match, failed to mention Alvarez.

It was not long before Zelia returned to Peru. It was the 31st minute in the first half of the first half when a deep poem against Belgian du Marcelén, who killed Swiss Swiss envoy Nizwela, was killed.

Six minutes later, the finest Zulu people, able to entertain up to four defenders who reached the mark, were stopped by an American goalkeeper.

Crystal tried in the first half in the 41st minute, but Leo, the strongest under three peaks, responded with two pcs in his pocket.

Fitzgerald had the last Zulian team in the first round. In 42 minutes, he got into the crystal area and hit Alvarez's goal-kick.

The first part of the process was aimed at the Peruvian via Tavara, who took the shotgun for the ultimate goal.

Sports tried to recover.

The first minutes of the second half did not go unnoticed for both teams. Although, the visitor took everything in search of a good opportunity on the signboard.

The first opportunity came with Crystal in the 52 minutes. The conductor was hungry, but the bullet crossed the Morales fence. Seven minutes later, Palacios tried again with a free kick on Leo's goal.

While Crystal seems to be close to goal, the Zillians will not disappoint their fans. With 60 minutes to go in the majors, 1111 was behind and the match was able to score the first goal.

The Peruvian people wanted to refresh their equipment, and 62 minutes later, Vivas put them on the side of the Yeez Sepside instead of Nelson Loyola.

Then the options are spread out. Calcutta tried on the crystal side, but again the Morales stopped the shooting.

The Citifon also picked up the pieces and left the unlucky Junior Perez to give Miguel Seiss a minute. Claudio Vivas responded to the change by submitting Fernando Pacheco to Martin Tavara.

In 68 Z Zambrano tried again, but the shot went off Alvarez's goal. Five minutes later, the man of the game was replaced by Abel Kascha.

The Crystal continued to move in the 76th minute when Christopher Gonzales was replaced by Kevin Gonzales and in the 76th minute.

The bad news for "Katsubba's kids" was the injury to Daniel Rivelo, who replaced 83 Juan Juan Casilla on the floor.

The goal was canceled due to Honduran's error when the goalkeeper sent the ball into the back of the net in the 84th minute. Despite this, the technical part of the VAR was implemented and two minutes later reiterated the original Paraguay Eber Aquino decision.

Zulian supporters were furious with the Chief Justice, who added 10 minutes to extra time.

The Sport Crystal did not give up and got a free shot at 90 + 6 with 0 + 0 Orthodoxy and the shot put the Morales goal.

Two minutes later, Miguel Celis decided to shoot him out of the area, but the strongest shooter Alex Rezrez hit the target.

Zulia FC won a crucial victory to travel to Lima on Tuesday, July 30 and play the return game. Before heading off to Peru, the gas stations will receive the "Cushioncho" race on Phenhencho on Friday, 4 September 2007.

The tanks run by Leo Morales; Daniel Reville, Andre Maldonado, Jerry Leone, Gabriel Benzez; Frank Fletch, Evel Lee Hernandez, José Andres Martinez, Albert Zambrano; Junior Paredes and Brayan Moya.

In turn, a celestial machine was established Patricio Ulvarez, Johan Madrid, Renso Revo, Omar Mello, Nielsen Loyola; Josh Cazulo, Horao Calcratra, Christian Orcei; Martin Tavara, Christopher Gonzales, and Christine Palacios.

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