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The dollar is already around $ 44 – insufficient for future sales.


Activities in the wholesale market are causing fear in Casa Rosada. According to FormX-May, they are trading at $ 42.80 ($ 42.77; 13:13) on Tuesday, July 23rd..

Meanwhile, this increase is recorded in the retail market, by National Bank for $ 43.60., Closing yesterday 20 cents, Monday, July 22.

Between private banks Galicia marked $ 44.30 for the seller..

Finally, the lender showed up 0.49% increase compared to yesterday's close at 42.66.

Following the departure of the site, short contracts will be raised between 17 cents and the longest up to 30 cents. Also, BCRA was re-selling in a number of different categories, ”from ABC's Mercado de Camios to Tombo Fanashire.

National gross domestic product was down $ 268 million to $ 68,330 million last Monday.

Yesterday July-August, President of the Central Bank, President of the Central Bank, announced that the average goal of $ 1,343,000 was in July, when he implemented a formula that would allow the International Monetary Fund to "assess financial capacity estimates." In turn, the interest rate has dropped by 58% until the month's inflation is known. Finally, entities have increased 3% to the amount of fixed-term savings they have the right to integrate with the league.

In this context, the interest rate rose yesterday, even though it was marginal, which was 1st in 13 wheels. After 2 bids, Liquid Letters (LL) finished 0.07% and ended at 58.78%.

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