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MIT develops a sensor for diagnosing epilepsy.


MIT researchers developed a blood pressure sensor within minutes.

Cystitis is a serious condition that can affect organs and systems in the body in a short time. Therefore, it is important to check early so that the patient can be treated as soon as possible.

However, because sepsis affects different parts of the body, the symptoms are not so simple for each patient. On the other hand, cultural experiments may not always identify this situation as it depends on many factors.

With this in mind, the MIT team uses a variant to detect early signs of bleeding even before symptoms appear. As you mentioned in the research you are sharing, they just need a very small sample of blood.

And the whole process only takes 25 minutes. It's simple, fast, and inexpensive, any of the complex methods you use today.

It is important to have a system that can quickly measure many of these biographies, such as a fast-growing disease that can be life-threatening. [ …] You can also control it frequently as the disease progresses.

As with other MIT ideas, the dynamics of this sensor can help save lives in previous investigations. And it is a solution that is implemented at a minimal cost.

Currently, this investigation is continuing as mentioned in the MIT report.

Image credit: MIT

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