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Apple will offer three iPhone 11 models in autumn.


This fall. Apple It provides Three models. iPhone 11, Will have. Apple A13 chipThe Cebu Forum, Model T8030, is known for listing

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Some features of previous models such as Lightning port. Will continue on the three new iPhone 11. They will continue with. Same screen resolution.

Of iPhone 11 Called. D42 (iPhone12,3) Replaces iPhone XS, D43 (iPhone12.5) offers iPhone XS Max; and N104 (iPhone12,1) Replaces iPhone XR.

The models. D42 and D43. Shall have a 3 x OLED retina display.While the model. N104 To continue with 2x liquid retina display..

New ones. iPhone 11 They have a new one. tapti engineCalled. Haptic jump . Details of this new engine are not yet known, but it is believed that it will improve the Hapt Touch, as the new devices may not have 3D dimensions.

It should be noted that Apple has not yet introduced 3D in any iPad model since Apple released the iPhone 6s.

iOS 13 Included on all devices, including haptypic ipad and iPod touch. Its feature should be installed longer.

Camera changes

The models. D43 There will be three cameras in the box. Includes a camera that takes photos in a wide angle.

That iPhone 11 wide-angle camera will have a new function called smart frame, with this system you can take the location stored in images and videos, and also the user can adjust or adjust it automatically according to posting

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