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Chinese media continues to report that Justin Sean is under investigation and cannot leave the country.


Chinese edition by TRON founder Justin Sean and legendary investor Warren Buffett after a lunch break. Commercial Herald of the 21st Century. He said the dealer was under investigation and had been sent from the PCC. There was news that the PRC couldn't get out, and the version about kidney stones was just a cover. After the Sun published some rumors in a series of press releases, Beijing business publication Kaichinchi reported something similar.

April 3rd

In a comment to Fort Long, a spokesman for Justin Sean, who is currently with him in San Francisco, said that the founder of the turbine was not aware of any restrictions on freedom of movement in China.

April 2

San in San Francisco.


Trump's representatives have told the fake Logan that the Chinese media have lied and Justin Sun is in San Francisco.

At the same time, San himself wrote a letter, but did not mention the Chinese people's decision to leave Reich.

Nonetheless, Cunninger noted that Kayongin's version is very authoritative and can have high public confidence.

According to media reports, the Special Security Committee on Internet Security, set up by the state government, has charged money laundering, illegal investment strategies, the distribution of pornography and gambling. This committee proposed law enforcement to arrest the enterprise.

Up until this point, until the present day, there has been no official release of any official statement on the use of the Xinjiang Porn Tutorial. The company that filed the application was reported to have quit recently.

Last time, Sana got out of the PCPP. According to media reports, they were denied permission to leave the Chinese region. It is important to note that the appearance on the Financial Controller's radio was only after he began actively promoting Buffet on social networks.

Traditional cryptocurrency news from China, Snyder said it is very difficult to get official confirmation that a Chinese citizen should not go abroad.

Don't forget that TRON has recently been criticized for its huge financial pyramid victims, which TRON has used to deceive the brand.

Media reports have searched for TRON Beijing office. The news turned out to be a lie, but it had time to absorb it.

Meanwhile, TRX prices continued to fall over the last 24 hours, losing more than 20% over the last 24 hours.

TRX / dollar, tradvv data.

Fork Long could not independently verify Chinese media information. We will continue to follow developments.

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