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Physicians of the country: It is better than pre-natal screening and the risk of catching a woman.


Investigation – Yasin bin Yusuf

They say, "Prevention is better than disease" but how many men and women work in this old wisdom? The fact is that there is a shortage of culture in ancient medical diagnostics only for the doctor without knowing the underlying diseases such as pressure, diabetes and even more serious illnesses such as swelling, heart disease, kidneys. Appropriate, and get into trouble and stress about the health situation, you can enjoy the health and life issues and prevent complications by avoiding certain perceptions. This need to increase the level of health of individuals and society has discussed this issue with many physicians and specialists who have previously focused on the culture of medicine and science. "Seasonal screening is very important for people, especially those over 40, who have specific health problems or have a family history," said pharmacist Sushi Al Haddad.

This seasonal check shows the health status of the disease, and improves the health of the disease in addition to diagnosing diseases… our people do not use the regular check-up. Time and effort.

For men over the age of 50, the initial screening is cheap and the most important and useful diagnostic tests and mammograms for women to detect breast cancer.

In my opinion, it is suggested that regular check-ups will be mandatory for people of a certain age or sick family history… and we want the Ministry of Health to check the cars periodically as we have done so that we can do so.

For his part, Dr. Hyatham Nasser said that his father was a counselor and deep care: how shocking it is to tell a patient or patient that the situation is "late," but it is also difficult for a patient who has to deal with negligence and regret.

Unfortunately we, as physicians, have to deal with these issues over and over again because of the fact that the patient has been able to leave the hospital. Although this is a plague of God, it is the lack of awareness of the health of many people on the importance of becoming seriously ill. Most cases diagnosed by diabetes and kidney failure due to cancer, kidney failure and diabetes and cholesterol – if current tests are done early and it is our duty to educate the community about a healthy culture to prevent and delay treatment.

Basic tests.
Required in age range
1. Diabetes: If there are any other diseases that can cause obesity, stress, cholesterol, family history, ovaries and gestational diabetes, they should be analyzed for adults over 45 years of age or for each adult.

2 – Pressure: Every adult over the age of 18 must be weighed and the frequency of the reading determined.
3. Cholesterol: For men with a history of heart disease, such as smokers, people suffering from obesity or family history and those without these diseases, 35 in men and 45 years after women.

4. In men with high risk of osteoporosis-related disorders (for example, cortisone, patients, patients, smokers, low-risk women, before a parent's fracture, this test may be done in men) because the patient is at high risk for It is from someone who is vulnerable or has had previous fractures.

5- Lung tumors: Colonoscopy is required for anyone over the age of 45. If there is a family history of colon cancer, this should be done at age 40. If there are many issues in the family or immunity. .
A breast mammogram is recommended for women over 50 years of age.

7 – Cervical Glands: A Pap smear is required every 3 years for women over the age of 21.
8 – Lung Tumors: Partial radiation work for all smokers after age 55 and up.

Promote breast cancer.
In the same context, Dr. Samir Mohammed Shutt, of Harvard University, identified women as one of the 6 most common types of cancer in the world, and many studies have shown that one in 8 women in the world has cancer. Breast According to Harvard University, the symptoms are abnormal changes in the woman's breast, such as a change in size and shape or the appearance of the knees and tumors. It may have a clear breasts, and these may have secretions in the blood, or a rash around them may appear. Also, a strong or prominent block appeared to cause breast tissue to expand. Skin color may also be prone to redness, they may feel pain and fatigue and so on.

Medical advances.
Dr. Hana al-Guwaki, a gynecologist, obstetrician and obstetrician, emphasized the importance of preventing disease, especially as the result of its advances in science, medicine and medicine, "can be easily cured if they are treated early. But we can deny that we have general reports on disease prevention.

She added: Universal periodic testing is the basis for preventing future infections, such as breast and cervical nerve, the finding of these factors that increase the recovery rate early and cause damage to the surgical site, analysis of tumor markers and some There are types of viruses analysis. If this devastating effect, such as cervical papilloma virus, cervical cancer and breast cancer, offers the opportunity to predict and maximize full healing, we have come up with some modern techniques to prevent genetic diseases in the fetus and the fetus. It is a discovery in the body so it is a healthy body and PGD. It is not only allowed to carry it, so it will eliminate many genetic diseases and birth defects and birth conditions.

We can also diagnose the amniotic fluid around the fetus, and at that stage we can diagnose many ailments, but sometimes the minor operations are interfered with and interfere with the treatment of the fetus. It helps or at least blocks and duplicates. According to Dr. Gada Arabi, a dermatologist on the skin safety and other healthy side, “All that appears on the skin is not cancer, but the type of change depends on the skin and the skin. UB in the pathogenesis and progression of skin cancer. And UVV

Risk factors: light skin color, pimples, unnecessary exposure to sunlight, family history of skin cancer.

Weakness of the immune system The risk and suspicion of skin cancer is unusual and changes in mucosa (itching – irregular skin, ulcers or ulcers) are not treated. From 10am to 4pm, sunscreen is not required, and should be highly protective of sunscreen against exposure, and should be seen by a doctor if you suspect any skin ulcer for early treatment, diagnosis and treatment.

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