Sunday , March 29 2020
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A Country Support Map for Terrorism in the Arabs.


The only report on the support for Qatar in terrorism in the Arab world is the Arabic-language news station.

According to US media reports, Doha's support for terrorism has spread to many Arab countries, according to US media.

According to the report, security officials in Yemen were found in a prison in a terrorist organization in Qatar.

In the Libyan scandal, Dohan continues to be supported by equipment and money, bringing Qatar's forces into Libya to help them expand their dominance in Makkah and Misata.

According to the United Nations refugee agency, Qatar has been focusing on strengthening the transitional governments in Tripoli since the fall of Quadha.

In Syria, the Doha hosts al-Qaeda's allies and allies, mainly the Nara Front, and played a role in the liberation of dozens of prisoners.

As a great example, Doha paid a ransom for terrorists to free the nuns in Malta.

This article is a Country Support Map for Terrorism in the Arab States / This is taken from the Yemeni Arab site.

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