Saturday , March 28 2020
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Upcoming! Last Minute Rain Alert – Weather | News


According to recent assessments by the meteorological Directorate, the northern part of our country is partly cloudy and semi-cloudy, the east coast of the Black Sea and Edirr, Kirkali, Arvin and Ardahan, local rainfall and thunderstorms and other areas are expected to be cloudy and clear. Expected.

To emulate a flashy, corrupt system!

It was predicted that there would be no significant change in the temperature and would include seasonal regulations. The wind is generally strong in the north and northeast along the eastern Mediterranean coast and in the west and southwest directions. Km / h).

Destruction Warning: The wind; The interior of Marmar, the shores of the Aegean coast, the Mediterranean, and the Anatolian interior of South Anatolia is to be hit hard because caution must be taken with regard to transport, roofing, and tree collapse. .

Climate Climate

Istanbul ° C, 31 ° C
Partly cloudy night with heavy rain.

ANKARA ° C, 29 ° C
Scattered clouds.

İZMİR ° C, 35 ° C
Light rain and clear.

Anatolia ° C, 37 ° C
Light rain and clear.

Scattered clouds.

Tababa ° C, 26 ° C
Partly cloudy with local baths.

ERZURUM ° C, 32 ° C
Scattered clouds.

Light rain and clear.

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