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Narn al-Tui revealed his guards while they were swimming in the sea.


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He and Altu, who continued his vacation with his wife, Azur Akaki, and his daughter, revealed the people who watch him in the jungle, which he posted on his social media account.

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"I understand you are doing your duty"

Al Tuğo spent the night with his wife and daughter, and during this time he got a share. Altogu, dragging the forest floor, said, “My friends, I started hiding behind the trees, my friends, I realize you are doing your job, but how long do you have to wait for hours to get the image? Please remember we are on holiday. ”

Support from social media

Pinnar Altogg, who has reported his turmoil, received support from social media. Some say it is disrespectful to a private life, others say that this is one of the problems to be famous. On the other hand, rumors surfaced that Erna Altu appeared in a magazine report last week and that she was pregnant because of her stomach ache. Altigua rejected these rumors in his statement.

Pinar Altug unveils the controllers while swimming in the ocean!

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