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Adnan Oktar introduced me to Akan Ilcal.


Of the 226 people arrested in the indictment against the criminal enterprise, 171 were arrested and appeared before the judge on September 17 in Selvari. The 44-day case was filed in court last week.

Bertel from Turkey The prosecutor's office continues to come up with interesting details. The suspect is in the file. Example: cokunkun pamir., Adnan Oktar is a TV name. Acun Ilıcalı. And Big Brother. Ö Contact Direct Cenker directly. That is.

The pamphlet in the file said:

May When I met Adan Ocker in 1987, my friend Assuul Ilkalk, his brother Ö Mercer, Elkuk, and his brother were good friends at that time. In 1987, I met Adnan Oktar at his home in Orthodo. I had no leadership in this group, I was like a friend in that group. I don't see Adnan Oktar as a criminal organization. There is no master structure in this group.


Eulcal's brother on the list of complainants.

The 3908-page penalty includes 135 people in the "Petitioner – Victim" section. TV player Acun Ilıcalı, brother of Mercer Cenker Ilıcalı, ranks 73rd on the list of 135 claimants.

Adnan Oktar is my student.

Adnan Oktar, who uses the fake Haruna Yahya, is a former student in the 2011 video published on the Internet.

He said:

Aklu Ilkel was also a student of mine. And his older brother was a doctor. And his older brother lived with me for a long time. He is older than me. Acun is 10-15 years old. He was a very bad boy. We love it.

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