Friday , April 3 2020
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16-year-old bride lost …


The event took place in the evening at a wedding hall in Xinjiang Pleasant District. Hussein Fukuka Coca is said to have been having a dispute with a relative who saw her before the wedding day. The debate over the wedding quickly turned into a battle. In an attempt to end the struggle, Mohammed Ji allegedly fired a pistol into the air, while the bride Hussein beat Furkan Koca in the crowd.

The injured husband was taken to hospital by medical team led by Mohammed G. He fled the scene by car.

Children Adam is dead, family has a family problem.

Don Nafiz Cretzzi Sinharan State Hospital was treated for the man, although all the interventions here were not cured. The news of the deceased's relatives waiting in front of the hospital was filled with tears. The police team has undertaken extensive security measures in front of the hospital. Police said three suspects arrested Mohamed Ginny went to work.

An investigation has begun.

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