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Which sign of this time? Get a chance to speed up words.


Weekly star counts. Which sign of this time? Get a chance to speed up words. The forecast is effective from 22 – 28 July 2019. The symbol is Scorpio.

Scorpio (16 Nov Nov – 15 December)

Hello Scorpio, which looks like Phoenix. A change in the instinct of the instinct leads to a new life. Innovative and bright new start

Finance Love can lead to trouble. It can make more than just talking and playing. As a partner, it is a carefully planned week. To prepare for unexpected expenses. Do not underestimate the possible causes / consequences of your own health or other family members. 24-26 days should be especially careful.

Work. Before you plan for a new project or leave the job, think carefully and think about finding a new job. Because it is in the realm of ideas. Imagine if you went out to sea until you saw the beach. At this stage it is difficult to achieve success. For business owners, executives should pay attention to employee behavior. More staff. Because there may be a disturbing story. It can cause harm.

Love. They see different things in the heart. He / she must comment in the same direction. It can be like hope, to keep the romance intact, to be happy to ask anything. Don't let the subject cause problems with the people around you .. it's worth it! For singles, comments. Participating in faith-based activities. Same faith. Maybe it's just to start love. He can get a soul rescue.

Family. 24-25 days should be removed to accommodate the family. New ministers come home. Because it can cause problems. Problem

Good luck Have a lucky chance. But if you do invest, any opportunity is still in an uncertain direction. He has to think carefully.

Advice. On October 11, another year, planet president Jupiter will starve in the zodiac cycle in Scorcio. That is a sign that he will be lucky to be distributed, but he must be careful, cautious and beware of the love of the opposite-sex girl or the opposite. More stress than ever!

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