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If the stock market fails, the Fed can't stop it Ae Haeheng – US stocks.


Bullying causes in the American stock market are slowly emerging.

The US debt ceiling has come to an agreement, and many people have seen the stock market blackout this fall. In addition, the report indicated that the US trade representative would go to Beijing next week if it opened a green light on the American stock market on Wednesday. Investors are also paying attention to corporate revenues and are awaiting a Fed policy meeting next week.

The Fed's policy meeting will undoubtedly be an important time for investors, but James Kohl, president of Stoke Finance Management, said the Fed's ability to cope with all economic issues is perhaps the most pressing.

The Fed's policy began to change last year, but is the result of restoring economic growth or widening the investor confidence? The biggest increase in the last six months, why has the US stock market bought over 20 years?

Starr in 2008 Successfully predicted that the home market would not fall and lose its customers.

He said: "If the past history shows that the economy is in crisis, the Fed can be difficult to stop, even though it has often reduced interest rates, in vain."

The stock market is about two to three years away from the US stock market. It should pay attention to the current warnings, including stocks, weak manufacturing and early exit.

If the stock market rebounds, they say it will reduce by half the current trend, which is about a 40% loss.

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