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“And What Was Your Year?” By Louis C.C. K. The first statement is, in fact, an introduction to people with disabilities. But the statement is funny, because a big, serious person would seriously think of "yours," as opposed to his trusty year. The public knows that he has come to watch the fallen comedian rise from the dead. He, on the other hand, has come to watch the audience time: How does he react to it?

Louis C.K. It has 20 months. May In November of 2017, at the height of the #Metoo movement, one in five New York Times reporters accused of sexual misconduct came face-to-face. The name is already added to the list. Har vey Weslein. They were standing. It's one of the blackest ever in the show business, and those who want to survive in the industry quickly get away from it. Louis C.K. It seems.

Instead of Madison Square Garden, Tetro Nuooo

He himself denied anything, but he said women's accusations were true: I could say and say whatever I wanted in my long and exciting career. I have retired and now hear a long time.

20 months long? Louis K. He is now returning to the public. For the last 20,000 seats in the Madison Square Garden, the comedian who has eight times needed to find a new and closer meaning to the crowd. Tetro Nuo vo has a capacity of 1000 viewers but not in New York. In Milan, he was in Greece before. It works today in Bulgaria.

Fat, frustration, world fame.

This is an artist test if it can be successful if it is required to return to business if it is required to return to business. In principle, though, is the question of how to proceed with the principle. Art Those artists who were about to make it easier after the #Metoo revelations.

In Milan, tickets were sold fast. Most visitors look at 51-year-old Louis C.C. K. Cakes are younger, more educational and seem more important. The poster shows him wearing a polo shirt, which loses his head and beard. His charming, provocative and sultry appearance coincides with the world-famous role: overweight, naughty, sexual frustration, loneliness, irresponsible, irresponsible, inappropriate and hateful, courteous, but highly reflective white middleman. Marriage arises and he has to teach his two daughters who love everything in the world, because if not, he doesn't have much. You could say: A regular city dweller.

Playing the average type is going to solve the vast majority of people who can identify with this life. But Louis C.K. Not only does it reflect the viewer – it equally borders on them. He is a master of tone and time, and his dark stories are learned and he delights his bad listeners because they are enlightened.

There is no doubt that he has the taste and satisfaction of his listeners.

In one of his most humorous performances, a boy who hurts his daughter in school adds to his sense of hate. The story is over and he, himself, is a gay homosexual, Louise C.K, a straight-up homosexual boy, so incredibly misleading that he is in love with him, Louise C. A child who humiliates him and ultimately abuses him will break the marriage of the parents.

In fact these are for Louis C.C. Never laugh at people who are directly and illegally assigned to the public. Nevertheless, in the American standing culture, it is more strictly forbidden than ever before in the real and hard world. And because Louis C.K. In addition, as a neutral liberator of Jewish comedies, such as his friend Woody Allen, has little to do. It is estimated how much he has suffered from his listeners: Louise K., the only destiny of 2017. Earned $ 52 million.

Basically Louis C.K. All those who developed morality and perspective at that time, especially those in the United States and beyond, were on the right side of morality. This is a very uncomfortable problem: why should a smart artist be a smart person? Even many consider her to be a girl, the New York Times described people as "a good conscience about the comedy scene," because people laugh about hypocrisy – "most of all, about hypocrisy." But Louis C.K. And Luis zakil, is it really the same as the comedy genre?

Perverse. Like all of us »

There were no protests before the show, as was the case with the first return shows in America. May Before performing two shows in San Jose in January, two dozen women held signs saying "There is no greater threat to women than men."

Many women come to Tetro Nuoo vo. Anyone who asks why they did not stop appearing on this tour will answer the question with the "come" in Louise K. Don't be too bad one shouldn't be surprised who goes to the hotel room with one of these. The man was not a rape victim like Harvey Weinstein, he was a very bad man. It's just too careful what is going on in America, so if you miss your art, you can't read books, watch movies. “He's a crook,” said one young man. Like all of us. »

Louis K. May In 2002, two young comedians appeared and invited both of them to their hotel room. Dana Mini Good and Julia Wolo were young artists, he was already a star. He asked the two if he could remove the penis in the room. They thought it was a joke and laughed. Louis K. Clothing changed and started masturbating. The two women later held each other by shouting and laughing later. After they poured on his stomach, they fled. As other women reported similar experiences with Louise Lake, his behavior was a clear secret – but his administration's unwillingness to perform in public was a mystery. The women spoke out of intimidation attempts.

Then Louis C.K. Red

"The women could go anytime," says a visitor to Milan, who is 40 years old and an actress. He did not assault the women, and even asked her permission, “What if she said no?” Actually, there was at least one, Rebecca Curry. May In 2005 they were indicted for a joint shooting. Can she ask him a question? She said yes. He asked her if they could go to their dress and was he allowed to smell it in front of her? She said no. He was beaten, Corey remembers, and then he said he had problems.

No one in the world has come up with the idea of ​​separating between the work and the author and the authenticity of such a visit between them. The Mistressescheichchette appeared to his fans, artist Louis K. And the people in the background understand that they look exactly the same and the same as them. Masturbation and shame, if you will, are the foundation of his work.

He also asked his former friend and colleague Sarah Silverman whether he would be allowed to perform masturbation in the face. Sometimes she wanted to see that, she told me last fall. Another time, he said, “I don't like cking! Offensive! Then Louis and she were eating pizza instead. Masturbation in front of others has always been his thing. He only got into trouble when he became famous. Louis K. He is saying this: If someone wants to see the tail, it's too late to ask if you have the power over that person. According to Sarah Silverman, she hopes to speak on stage when he returns.

"You'll see my masturbation mirror, wow! >you say .Louis K. In the new program.

Of course Louis C.C. K. In Milan. If someone can trick you in front, and she says yes, ask again: Are you sure? Now that the women have suffered, do not be too lazy to hear that the poor Sikh will hold women accountable. The audience laughed uncontrollably. Their decision is clear until the experiment is funny. Love and Power Louis C. K. It won't be missing in the future.

Everyone has their own thing, Luis K. But only because he knows the whole world. When I get to the airport today, someone is sitting there, & # 39; That's the man! & # 39; Travelers, like Louis K. At one time it seemed like his fault, but only a clean record. I don't like to blame myself. I'm fine. I want to show it to someone who can draw well. You see me, "Wow!"

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