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The Russian boxer died after 260 severe beatings.


He also dreamed of a new life in America. Now, Russian boxer Max Dhabashv (28) has lost his battle for life after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

Russian boxer Maxim Damshav is in a fierce battle at the Puerto Rican sub-Marias over Ocho Hill (USA) over the weekend. Coach Buddy McGirt is the fear and anxiety in the corner of the ring.

TV cameras show the exchange between the trainer and the boxer after eleven rounds. "I'll stop," McGeert says. His professor shakes his head. McGeert said, "Let me do that." Finally, the coach won, the struggle was over.

Former World Champion Antonio Tarver was astounded. "It's a sign of the great coach," the 49-year-old said. "He who loves his life will save himself from it."

260 heavy huts entered.

But now, for Domshav, another battle begins. 260 Hardcore numbers count stats. Eight minutes after the occupation, Hits leaving the tracks, Russia, who wants to apply for a green card for the US, will be immediately taken to the hospital.

He loses his consciousness in an ambulance, the diagnosis: brain bleeding! The doctors opened the skull and placed a boxer in a man-made vinegar.

At first Dabashav said he was calm. But the sad news on Tuesday night is that Russia has lost its battle for life.

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