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Huawei reported the news with a pop-up camera.


25 July The new-Huawei Pia Z smartphone is officially launched in Europe. This unique design popup needs to look for both rear and dual lens rear cameras and full resolution quality at a reasonable price.

The camera looks like magic.

Many devices today have small bezels below zero with the so-called screens. According to the developers, this affects the reliability of the entire design and design. As a result, the designers of P Smart Z designed a screen with no holes, edges, pieces or similar objects.

We have moved the front camera, speaker and light sensor to enable a 19.5: 9 aspect ratio. The integrated 6.59 "screen takes up 91 percent. The whole phone body. Mwangas Puluki, head of Huawei's Bicultural Communication, said that the result should be particularly appealing to film and game lovers.

The desire to make the phone as large as possible allowed engineers to remodel the front camera building. This is why the latest avatar innovation features a 16MP pop-up camera module. During normal usage, the camera is hidden in the body of the phone, but when enabled, the front camera beam rises and the image appears on the screen.

This future solution offers a good solution for the front camera positioning problem. When we were able to expand the screen, we were just hiding it, ”M. Plukk said. The popup lens specifies that it is controlled by a special motor and lifting device.

It only takes a second to get the camera off. So we can confidently say that it is not just a fashion statement or a technological curiosity, but a practical solution. ”

Prior to deploying this solution to smart devices, the company was slowly slowing down the body even after using the front camera for years. Experiments show that a pop-up camera can withstand 100,000. Spreads without marks. In addition, this method does not affect the direct application of the home with 15 kg of power.

The phone has a pop-up pop-up camera that automatically identifies when the phone falls to the air. In this case, the defendant will try to flush the lens as quickly as possible to minimize the side effects, Pret said.

Tagins artificial artificial intelligence.

In terms of device camera, the front eye is controlled by an artificial ability to detect eight common photographic conditions, including blue skies, greenery, glaciers and more.

The 1.0-inch diameter camera sensor pixels and the F / 2.2 aperture adjust the light and background shots for high-resolution effects. The front camera also has advanced backlight technology, a decorative algorithm and 3D portrait effects.

Behind the house there is a dual 16 + 2MP camera integrated. 16MP lens with F / 1.8 lens, 50% off. In the same room, much faster than the F / 2.2 lens shown on other phones. Attention Controls the noise level of the image by image. The 2MP camera lens helps with the main camera and gives you the highest effective depth of field, which makes your photos look like a professional camera.

“The integrated dual lens camera of the phone guarantees high quality of your photos in any case. You'll also find night mode, 480fps slow motion capture and other features available here. In the flagsM. Plutus says.

Created with students.

The Huawei P Smart Z has been working with the field of students and young professionals. Engineers have compared the EMUI 9O system retention system with the high-performance Kiri 710F chips in the device. This tank offers a practical and smooth approach to the use of graphics in photography and energy saving or in games.

“The phone combines high-tech and unique anesthetic products that are invaluable to the client. But most importantly, all of this is available at an affordable price without the need for a high end. FlagAccording to M. Pluki, head of Huawei's Batikat Communications.

The aforementioned Kirin 710F chipset is based on a 12nm process and comes with eight major building blocks. Compared to previous generations, the single-core processor is 75 percent. Large, multi-storey – 68 per cent. On top of that, the graphics processor has twice the power.

Chips's overall performance is 30 percent. Its energy consumption is less than one-third. It has been awarded to the EMUI 9 operating system, describing advanced F2FS 2.0 and EROFS technology, which efficiently cleans data storage for smooth operation.

The sale of Huawei P-Smart Z will start on July 25. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price: 278 EURO The new model offers manufacturers. Sapphire blue, Emerald green. And in black.

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