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Shakib Khan finally made his son happy – Colorslife24.


Shakib Khan.

They both work in film, love, and then marriage. Marriage is kept secret by the passion of work, and finally, art is a world of happiness. Image heroes Apo Biswawa and Shakib Khan are different now. Shakib Khan and Ap Biswawa were married on April 7. But in April of last year, the issue became clear. He appeared on private television with the children.

After the accident, the only son of the two, Abraham Khan, was seen meeting around Georgia. This year, Abraham entered preschool. At that time Shakib and Awi had to go to school like everyone else. On that day, Shakib Khan, son Abraham and Awi were seen wearing the same pattern.

The three men are dressed in a design created by Apo Bissau. Earlier, Apple asked Shakib Khan to wear the same outfit.


Shakb questions this question. In this regard, Apple Biswas said that a ceremony was held at the Gazette School. Jai's dad & # 39; Come on, we're dressed in the same party. It is good to dress the same.

Jay's father says it doesn't matter. The idea is beautiful. There were 20 students in the winning class, all dressed up with the boy. Shakib is wearing the same pattern as my words. It was fun to win. & # 39;

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