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Cape Town's dams have reached 65% of heavy rains.


After a few days of rain and cold, the Cape Town dams have now reached 65%. Image credit: Henk Kruger / African News Agency (ANA)

Cape Town – After a few days of heavy rain and snow, Cape Town's dams have now reached 65%.

This is an increase of 61.8% from last week to 3.2%.

The final average rate across all district dams is 49.6% (2018: 50%).

On Tuesday morning, floods were reported in areas such as Southfield, Grace Park, Kleini, Craftinstein, Atlantis, Mare, Hutu Bay, Quays River, Mittleland Plain, Macassar, Pauro and Durbanville.

The SMS weather service has warned on Twitter about thunderstorms around the western Cape.

"Late PM sat sat image (23 July 2019). The cold front of the southwest part of the CIA will be disrupted tonight (in the South Cape and West Cape hills). Good morning, be safe.

Snow is expected to drop between 10 and 20 cm between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Severe weather also affected the power line. Due to the inclement weather, power outages are occurring in the following areas – Bellevue, Phillip, Niggen, S & # 39; s City, Bonwell, Manneburg, Crawford, Minn., Observer, and Thornton, "Charlotte City spokeswoman for disaster risk management.


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